Is Your Job Making You Sick?


I invite you to join me with host Carol Dunlop to Is Your Job Making You Sick? on Fit4Life Radio where I will be interviewed about this topic.

80% of Americans wake up each morning going to a job where they are unfulfilled and unhappy!

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Tuesday, September 16
1:00 p.m. EST
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French Made Easy for Homeschoolers


Marina Ridge

 "My mission is set the French basics right from the start."
 - Marina Ridge
I know that many of you may be homeschooling your children, and I wanted to share this valuable resource with you.  Feel free to pass it along to others who you think may benefit from this information.
My friend and colleague, Marina Ridge, is offering a free gift Simple Ways To Bring French Into My Child's Life.  You can find that here:
Marina is a Parisian French Coach and the creator of the French Made Easy for Homeschoolers program. Fluent in four languages, she is a Francophone (a citizen of a French colonized country). In addition, she is a mom who understands first-hand the challenges of homeschooling children.
Marina discovered the lack of phonics taught to foreigners in their country of origin or for anybody learning French as a foreign language. As such, she created French Made Easy for Homeschoolers, a program designed to provide their children with language skills so they could learn: pronunciation now, rather than later, the confidence needed to learn a new language, the capacity to become global citizens, and to develop a love for languages. Influenced by her knowledge of the French culture, people, regions, food, wine, and many attractions of this beautiful country, her program is relatable to the masses.
The methods of French Made Easy for Homeschoolers were passed down from generations. Marina sees the program's true power each time a French native asks her, "Vous ĂȘtes Française?" (Are you a French Citizen?). While there are many self-study programs available on the market, most people rarely take the action steps. In French Made Easy for Homeschoolers, Marina ensures the accountability that people depend on for their success.


Book Review: Angels of Abundance

Angels of Abundance
Heaven's 11 Messages to Help You Manifest Support, Supply, and Every Form of Abundance
By Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue

This book has pretty much every tool you need in order to change your life for the better - in any area of your life.  It is easily laid out with simple, straight-forward advice in each chapter.  Many examples of real life stories are included  - stories are always incredibly helpful to support us in understanding how others achieved their goals and show us that we can achieve ours as well.
Extensive information is provided about the importance of asking for help, surrendering the exact path to our positive outcomes to the universe, focusing on mental attitudes that support abundance,  and little-known tools such as keeping our physical energy high in order to bring what we want to us more quickly. 

The importance of taking action is also discussed.  Nothing happens without our focused action.  Visualization tools - traditional and new - are recommended with specific direction about how to use them whether someone is visually-oriented or not.  In addition, the use of positive affirmations is included with a description about what these are and several examples of affirmations that work.  

Another key factor in making things happen is to have patience, especially when what we want isn't coming on our time schedule.  A whole chapter on the importance of focus covers this topic extensively.  A balance of giving and receiving is a key factor in manifesting, and the chapter on this subject is a great reminder, especially in a society that's "Go, go, go!"    Finally, the book discusses the importance of fulfilling our commitments as well as direction about how to move on to future commitments when we're ready to change direction.

A great book for anyone who feels stuck in their  lives or who wants to learn the basics and more about creating abundance!


Two Great Healing And Educational Opportunities .....

Reconnective Healing with Esther Palmer, Healing Practitioner

Reconnective Healing is a "hands-off" energy healing process utilized by Dr. Eric Pearl and practitioners who have been certified by Dr. Pearl to perform Reconnective Healing. Practitioners are able to access and utilize new frequencies of universal energy, which activates the healing process to begin.

Healing occurs on a multidimensional level (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.) The work is scientifically supported by the latest theories on nuclear and quantum physics and the results have been extraordinary.

I have experienced this healing, as well as Rain Drop Therapy with therapeutic grade essential oils that Esther also offers.  Highly recommended!

Esther's contact info:

 Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras

This workshop is happening at Spirit Dancer in Burlington on Saturday, May 17. Linda Wojcik is offering the opportunity to join her for Level I of her workshop from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at a cost of $40.00 per person.

If you like what you see and hear, come back and join us for Level II. The price for level II will be an additional $35.00. This offer is good until the workshop begins or until all seats are filled.  Or, you are welcome and encouraged to sign up today for both levels at the regular cost of $65.00.  The day of the workshop, the cost increases to $75.00.

Here is a brief description of what you will learn:

Level I: The Chakra Personalities

What are the chakra personalities
What organs, glands and systems are affected by the individual chakras
What energies do these glands and organs hold when in and out of balance
How do the emotional and physical energies interact with one another
How do we connect to old memory cells to help release our unhealthy patterns of behaviors
Time for questions and comments

Level II: Vibrational Medicines

What are vibrational medicines
How do vibrational medicines help balance our physical and emotional bodies
Which vibrational medicines affect the individual chakra
Which foods directly affect our ability to heal
What is kinesiology and how does it work
Time for questions and comments

Linda Wojcik is a Flower Practitioner, Nutritional Kinesiologist and Spiritual Intuitive. She has a thriving practice in NE CT where she teaches people the power of healing themselves. The information Linda will present is based on 30 years experience in vibrational healing. Those who participate in this workshop will walk away with information that will change the way one thinks about healing. Join Linda for a thought-provoking experience that will begin a journey back to the light and that light is you.


Spirit Dancer Book & Gifts
125 S Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 660-8060
Call Carol today!

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